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The Covid-19 crisis has meant that, pretty much overnight, all our income stopped, both from YNM and our other activities. We are the 'self-employed' you have probably heard about, who have just been recognised in the latest plan from the government, which might mean some support in June. We are asking, therefore, that if you [...]

Rocking at the Rookery

Saturday morning marked a very special occasion, not only celebrating four special birthdays in Keith, Peter, Katia & Marianne, but also doing something extremely positive and challenging.  We had a fantastic time sharing with you the various obstacles put in our way, most of which presented a high psychological, as well as physical challenge, as [...]

100 miles!

Here at YNM, we are blessed to have members who exhibit both talent and determination. However, just occasionally, these qualities are taken to entirely different levels and we are simply left in awe! What follows is one such account given to us by the amazing Colleen Colver. Enjoy the read, we certainly did! Emma & [...]


It is a rare occurrence to see two teams of highly prepared and supremely fit athletes go head to head, and this morning was no exception! However, what we did see were a bunch of supremely motivated people, out to have fun, with a bit of healthy competition thrown in (well perhaps a tad unhealthy [...]

YNM Aquathon 2019

Results SUPER SPRINT No. Name Start Finish Total 1 Aggie Smith 00:45:30 01:21:48 00:36:18 2 Jacky Brown 00:46:00 01:21:48 00:35:48 3 Angela KM 00:46:30 01:14:37 00:28:07 5 Lilly 00:48:00 01:12:41 00:24:41 6 Nicky Ward 00:47:00 01:13:48 00:26:48 7 Serena Bateup 00:47:30 01:07:59 00:20:29 8 Jack Telling 00:49:00 01:15:21 00:26:21 SPRINT No. Name Start Finish Total [...]

#Brutal29thDecember – Blog 1

‘As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles a few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson  During the series of upcoming blogs we will not only train you all but outline the reasons WHY! As our focus begins to sharpen upon the [...]

YNM Aquathon

Hello everyone and welcome to the results page for our inaugural YNM Aquathon.  Before you get too immersed in the finer detail, remember this was mainly a fun event and an opportunity for most of you to experience something new and challenging.  To this end, it is likely that there were a few miscounted laps [...]