The Need for Speed It has been great to see so many of you take part in #YNMile in our Saturday HIIT & Run sessions over the past 6 weeks. As you have experienced, running a good fast mile is NOT easy. It involves pure speed endurance - The Purpose of Speed Edurance is to prolong the amount [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 10

Last Day! As day 10 draws to a close, we pack up and begin to enjoy our last supper with our amazing host/tour guide/off road driving expert/wild camping/trail running guru and all round Fernie endurance Athlete legend - Laura 'Squirrel' Macready! After an amazing night out at Nevados for possibly the best Tapas food ever [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 8

Recovery Day Exercise is good for us - it helps makes us stronger and fitter by forcing the body to adapt to the situations we challenge it with.  The truth is, however, is that all the adaptations actually happen during recovery, which is why taking taking adequate rest is so important. Often, simply the space [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 6

Bike Day Switching the trainers for a fully suspended up Mountain bike... AGAIN we seem to be out of our comfort zone.  We are certainly rattling through all the great things to do here in Fernie and it's only day 6!!  If you saw the photo's from yesterday's mountain run you can imagine what the [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 5

Mount Fernie Hello Team YNM Along with today's instalment of the YNM Booty Burner we have quite a story for you all... Whilst out for dinner we all decided it was a great idea to run up Mount Fernie (7000ft), which means going across Lactic Ridge, along Windy Pass and down to Island Lake.  Little [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 4

Rest Day Well not quite, stretch it out and go for a Run! We have returned from the lake today and been for a run along 'Old Stumpy' trail, whilst making lots of noise to scare the bears off, before we refuelled at a Sushi restaurant! Make sure you all check in tomorrow folks for [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 3

Run, Swim, Fish! We are definitely now in full holiday mode. Exercising and being active is a big part of our lives and Laura, my sis, is cut from the same cloth. It is never should I/shouldn't I go for a run/bike/swim, but when, for how long and where?  When you are on holiday you [...]

YNM Booty Burner Day 2

The Lake It's been another adventure filled day in Canada... Em was up bright and early ahead of our trip out to the lake and after packing up the truck with Laura's entire shed, including two chainsaws and a RIB, we headed off on our 2 hour road trip. Upon our arrival at Premier Lake [...]