YNM Blog No.1


Hello YNM bloggers

You didn’t think we were going to disappear to Canada without taking you with us, did you?


Are you ready to strengthen your glutes so they not only look better, but also help you prevent low back pain and other unwanted injuries.  Then let’s get started with your 28-Day Booty Burner Challenge!

Regardless of your ability you can tone and strengthen your butt by following our daily 10 min workout by following our blog including video demo’s.  In order for this to work you will need to follow it EVERY day.

A “burner” is basically a quick circuit that “burns out” the muscle being used. These burners will activate and strengthen your glutes from every angle with a quick series of exercises done back-to-back.  The point is to quickly fatigue your glutes and even push through the burn until they are completely worked, once they are pumped and fatigued, you stop.

If your glutes are no longer working, don’t continue and allow other muscles to engage!  It is very important you don’t rest, but power through unless rest is specified. If you really need a break take 5 seconds, but pushing through to get the pump and BURN is key. However, if the glutes stop working then you do need to rest, but otherwise power through!  Also, make sure you actually feel your glutes, abductors (outside thigh) and adductors (inside thigh) working depending on the set exercise. Do not let your quads or hamstrings take over. If you don’t feel your glutes working, you won’t get as much out of the exercise.

Are you ready?

Keep tuned in for your first workout.



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