YNM Booty Burner Day 1

Hyper Ventilation!

Waking up and having breakfast on my sisters veranda, looking out to this scenery confirmed….. we are on holiday.


My sister, Laura is pretty nutty. This theory is backed up by the fact she has completed an Iron Man and Ultra Iron Man (5k swim, 200k bike, 50k run) plus you can usually hear her from one side of the mountain to the other! My point is, she came back from her night shift in the coal mine and insisted that we took a mountain run up a trail called hyper ventilation ‘it’s around 2 hrs, is that too short?’ she said?!?! Did I mention it’s 35 degrees too?


Anyway, what a run and what views! Totally worth hyperventilating and we didn’t get eaten by a bear…yet.  We then set out to float down the river in rubber rings which is a must do here apparently. So much fun.


So, back to business, the booty burner. I hope you are all ready to get involved.

Day 1
Complete 2-4 rounds, depending on your level, of the following exercises:
15 donkey kicks
15 lateral raises
15 duck walks forward & 15 back
15 squat side shuffle

Complete each round back to back with no rest, just like this…

Talk again soon…

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