YNM Booty Burner Day 2

The Lake

It’s been another adventure filled day in Canada… Em was up bright and early ahead of our trip out to the lake and after packing up the truck with Laura’s entire shed, including two chainsaws and a RIB, we headed off on our 2 hour road trip.


Upon our arrival at Premier Lake we put up our trailer tent before heading out on our Run. These runs are amazing but you have to work hard, it feels like you’re always going up and constantly shouting to make the bears aware of your presence.  Having run for 35-40 mins on the trail we headed onto the road and gravel of a dusty track to throw some ‘efforts’ in.  The lake was a welcome cool off spot in the afternoon on the RIB to relax.  We cruised the length of the lake before I took the helm whilst Emma, Laura and Finley went open water swimming.  I steered the RIB to a pontoon and this is where we shot todays video covering…

Day 2 

Complete 2-4 rounds, depending on your level, of the following exercises:

15 Fire Hydrants

15 Glute Bridges

15 Glute Bridges Single Leg

15 Front Lateral Leg Raises

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