YNM Booty Burner Day 3

Run, Swim, Fish!

We are definitely now in full holiday mode.

Exercising and being active is a big part of our lives and Laura, my sis, is cut from the same cloth. It is never should I/shouldn’t I go for a run/bike/swim, but when, for how long and where?  When you are on holiday you get the time to really enjoy these moments without the hurdles that sometimes get in the way at home.

With all this in mind we thoroughly enjoyed our morning run along the canyon and the open water swim in this beautiful lake. We weren’t successful when fishing, but we sure did have some fun.  What a place Canada is!


For today’s booty burner there are a few challenging exercises for you to have a go at:

Day 3

2-4 rounds

15-20 seconds Warrior Pose

15 Single Leg Dead Lift

15 Warrior Single Leg Squats

15 Standing Clams 

All on both legs!

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