YNM Booty Burner Day 5

Mount Fernie

Hello Team YNM

Along with today’s instalment of the YNM Booty Burner we have quite a story for you all…

Whilst out for dinner we all decided it was a great idea to run up Mount Fernie (7000ft), which means going across Lactic Ridge, along Windy Pass and down to Island Lake.  Little did we know how challenging it was going to be to complete this epic challenge, which eventually took 4 hours 12 mins to cover a little over 12miles.  This was hard to comprehend in that we would usually run this distance in 70-75 mins at home, which gives you a little idea of the extreme ups, downs and scrambles on the mountain face.

Mount Fernie was a completely different type of running!  Mart openly admits he found it HARD due to the challenging terrain that ranged from roads, gravel, shale, snow and ice, to forrest paths half the width of a pavement.  Trying to run this terrain was impossible at times reducing you to a 4 points of contact or a slide down the snow.

One of the biggest factors we had overlooked prior to our trip to Canada was the altitude, which has been quite an issue.  As you can see from the graph, it’s not quite like the sea level training grounds we are used to in Arundel.  You find yourself gasping for air much more than usual.


This amount of time on our feet combined with the adventure and challenge was a  reminder that our bodies are conditioned to the type of training and running we perform every day at home, leaving us out of our comfort zone today, but boy was it fun. This experience enabled us to realise how tough you may find some of our workouts when we mix them up or when we add certain exercises that put you out of YOUR comfort zones. Challenges make changes in our lives and these can only be positive and make us stronger in the body but also the mind.

Peace out from a rather tired Mart & Em!


And now to your workout…

Day 5

2-4 rounds

15 Good Mornings

15 Hip Rotations

15 Lateral Raises

On both legs where relevant and apologies for the sound!


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