YNM Booty Burner Day 6

Bike Day

Switching the trainers for a fully suspended up Mountain bike… AGAIN we seem to be out of our comfort zone.  We are certainly rattling through all the great things to do here in Fernie and it’s only day 6!!  If you saw the photo’s from yesterday’s mountain run you can imagine what the trails are like for mountain biking.


My sis has been on a night shift so her good friends Mellie & Dunc took us out for a ride. After making it clear that my bike skills are zero but my lungs are strong they decided on this trail called Blue Montaigne. It’s a whole new game this proper mountain biking, the narrow and severe turns, sharp ups and gnarly twisting downs! Having to sit back off the end of your seat so you don’t go flying over the handle bars, but leaning forward on the up’s so your front wheel doesn’t skid!

You can imagine the scene…. Captain sensible (Martin) watching my every move and shouting out every lump, bump, hill and turn whilst I scream as I’m descending, half out of sheer fun but mostly because I’m wondering if I’m going to survive it and he can tell as he shouts, ‘your screaming is not filling me with much confidence!’ It won’t be a surprise when I tell you that as we reach the end he looked at me and said well done although his eye’s said, thank god you are still in one piece, bless!


Big thanks to Mellie and Dunc who coached me through it and stayed calm throughout, looking forward to re-telling the stories over a beer at the BBQ tonight.

And now for your Bootie Burner workout…

Day 6

2-4 rounds

10-15 camels

20 glute bridge

20-30 seconds hold table top

5 reps per side sit through to thoracic bridge

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