YNM Booty Burner Day 7

Kookanosa Lake and Interval Training! 

Off on a camping trip to the Kookanosa lake today so we sneaked in an Interval session first thing along coal creek.

20 x 1 min on (fast) with 1 min jog recovery. Doesn’t sound like too much but it sure does catch up with you along with the reduced O2 in the air from being at altitude.

Anyway, half way in at 10 reps and your lungs, legs and brain are saying ‘why?’ I found myself thinking about other things.  Sometimes this subject is food, what am I going to cook tonight, sometimes I make a to do list of YNM jobs, but today my mind wondered back to this time 4 yrs ago when I was out visiting my sister and how my life was very different back then. Firstly, I was neck deep in embarking on my steeplechase career, secondly, I was still working for someone else as a Head of PE teacher and, thirdly, I had only just spotted Mart on Worthing Athletics track! Life has defo changed 4 yrs on, I’m now experimenting in triathlons, Mart and I run our own business, YNM & Active Academies, plus Mart and I are forever together!


Time away from ones busy life in a beautiful country often gets us thinking…. Life is good, more than good, we are very happy.

Check out our location for Day 7, spent the day cruising on my sisters rib, fishing and swimming. Now for BBQ, oh and your workout…

Day 7

2-4 rounds

15 bench step up’s 

15 bench fire hydrants

15 kick backs

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