YNM Booty Burner Day 8

Recovery Day

Exercise is good for us – it helps makes us stronger and fitter by forcing the body to adapt to the situations we challenge it with.  The truth is, however, is that all the adaptations actually happen during recovery, which is why taking taking adequate rest is so important. Often, simply the space between sessions is enough, but you may occasionally need longer, particularly if muscles are continuously sore.  Of course, recovery doesn’t necessarily mean not exercising, just changing the type of activity can be enough, which is why we like to ring the changes at YNM.  So, enjoy a break from our ‘booty’ exercises and go and do something else instead!


It won’t surprise you that even though today has been spent on the lake again, it has been action packed.  Laura’s friend, Frosty, and Mart spent the Morning fishing and got a bite while Laura and I went on a run to find Loony Lake for a swim…. We never found it and we didn’t swim as Laura’s sense of direction is as bad as mine, my Dad would be so disappointed!


The rest of the day has been spent kayaking, doughnutting, and enjoying this beautiful place.


And now enjoy this piece of holiday action…

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