YNM Booty Burner Day 9

Can Jam!?!

After two crazy busy days at the lake, meeting new people, kayaking, fishing and learning to play new games such as ‘can jam’ which, by the way is coming to YNM very soon, we are back in the lovely town of Fernie.

2017-07-16-PHOTO-00000312Meeting new people and doing new things can be a little daunting sometimes, as I can imagine it is for new people coming to try our classes. Everyone is different, which I’ve got to observe over the last couple of days. There are those who jump straight in and speak to everyone and are up for most adventures, and others who may take a little longer to suss things out and then decide. Either way, I love meeting all these different personalities and seeing what makes them tick. Laura, my sister, is louder than life, speaks to everyone, has oodles of friends and is always a glass half full kinda gal. There is always a way to get things done and she works it out with the biggest smile on her face. She has a lovely life out here in Canada!

Talking of glasses half full, it’s time again to fill yours with our ‘Booty Burner’.  Over to you Mart…

Day 9

2-4 rounds

15-20 Single leg bridges

15-20 Clams (progression elevate hip)

15-20 Supermans

15-20 Side lying lateral raises with rotation

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