YNM Booty Burner Day 10

Last Day!

As day 10 draws to a close, we pack up and begin to enjoy our last supper with our amazing host/tour guide/off road driving expert/wild camping/trail running guru and all round Fernie endurance Athlete legend – Laura ‘Squirrel’ Macready!


After an amazing night out at Nevados for possibly the best Tapas food ever with all the gang the four of us including Finley the dog headed out for our Sunday long run…


The trails in Fernie are named by those who made them. Today we ran ‘Old Stumpy’ & ‘Swine Flu’ for another epic experience. These trails are quite something. You are either blowing out your ‘arse’ trying to get up, or trying to let loose on the way down, which takes some guts, oh and did we mention the real possibility of being stalked by a Cougar or running into a Bear! Having climbed up ‘Swine flu’ we rejoined the Elk river for the run to Coal creek – boom Sunday long run done (last run in Canada boo).


We’ve enjoyed a super chilled afternoon drinking coffee in Fernie high street before heading home for our last supper and back-gammon, and of course the cheese board!

We’ve have had a totally amazing time here in Canada and despite what it may have looked like through the eye of this blog, we have had time to chill out but we both enjoy being outside and active, it’s what gives us our energy and zest for life, it’s a lifestyle thing.

I admit that sometimes I don’t feel like lacing up my trainers, but I can genuinely count on one hand the number of runs I’ve not enjoyed or struggled with. After a few minutes once you’ve warmed up, it’s all good and I’m thinking yeah I’m glad I did get out the door!

So be glad to be doing your last BB…

Day 10

2-4 Rounds

15 Glute bridges

15 Lateral circles forward and back

15 Lateral leg lift side balance

15 Back extensions

2 thoughts on “YNM Booty Burner Day 10

  1. What an amazing time you guys have had! Have loved reading your blog and your moments of reflection while taking time out. It’s great to be around such positive people.


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