The Need for Speed

It has been great to see so many of you take part in #YNMile in our Saturday HIIT & Run sessions over the past 6 weeks. As you have experienced, running a good fast mile is NOT easy. It involves pure speed endurance – The Purpose of Speed Edurance is to prolong the amount of time where your maximum speed can be maintained  and looking at your results, the majority of you guys are getting better at doing this, which comes from a combination of training and getting fitter, but also by applying mental strength so you can push through your threshold and pop out of you comfort zones in order to achieve those quicker times. ‘Pain is only temporary’ after all isn’t it Keith 😉

A special mention must go to Lesley Tugwell and Mark Whitby for completing all three sessions. The #YNMile will feature in our Saturday morning sessions from time to time, but feel free to go and have a go at it outside of our sessions or even log your own mile.




HIIT & Run
24/06/2017 (windy) 01/07/2017 22/07/2017 (windy)
Dave F 8.01 7.10
Maz 7.55 7.13
Dave T 9.45
Lesley 7.55 7.08 7.13
Celine 9.45
Sarah Lloyd 9.51
Clare 10.41 8.05
Debs 10.41 8.37
Mark 7.13 6.40 6.44
Nicky 8.45 8.38
Keith 8.31 8.11
Jon 9.32
Angela 10.21 10.32
Katia 10.21
Martyn C 6.33
Lauren 7.20
Helen 7.50
Trudi 9.25

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 10.49.52The Run Project

A hugely successful strand of our work at YNM has been the development of the Run Project in Surrey.  These dedicated individuals have also been completing their version of the #YNMile, the details of which are set out below.  Well done one and all!

The Run Project – Beginner Plus 28/06/17 Grass Oval
Emma Star 8.30
Rachel Weir 8.30
Sam  Deacon 9.13
Lynn Swan 8.52
Anne Tutt 8.40
Angela Masella 9.49
Lucy Hogan 10.05
Linda Ebsworth 9.24
Jo Walker 10.06
Helen hayward 9.28
The Training Group 28/06/17 Grass Oval
Issy Peters 6.18
Sarah Watson 7.05
Sarah Mac 6.38
Colin Gow 6.24
Mary Moncrieff 7.35
Charlie Cooke-Priest 7.10
Joe Price 7.30
Clare Wareing 7.35
Maxine Lane-Badenhop 7.35

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