James Schock

Hello Team YNM

After a successful summer at YNM, where we have enjoyed welcoming 20 new members to our friendly group, we are off on holiday for a week!  Don’t panic though as we are leaving you in the more than capable hands of James Schock!

James is a level 3 PT and always looking to gain and share new skills in different styles of movement. He loves adventure races, having recently competed in the Otillo Swim/Run, Tough Mudder, Edinburgh Marathon, and Nuts Challenge, and revels in everything that goes with these types of challenges.  He also enjoys climbing, long boarding and is about to start kite surfing. He is particularly well known for his natural movement style and playful approach to wellness.

So, if you have moved on from the standard gym workout and feel under-stimulated in your training, drop into a session with James. He’ll focus on upping your gains and improving your training times, whilst showing you the benefits of natural movement as a game changer. This is wellness made fun, simple and, once mastered, you can do it anywhere in the world, no mess no fuss!



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