Everyone has a story…

We are extremely proud of how YNM, which includes all you fabulous people, can help and inspire individuals to change their lives through fitness and exercise.  We don’t judge, we don’t belittle anyone’s achievements, we just try to celebrate getting out there and doing it!  With this in mind we feel honoured to hear stories like the one that follows, and hope it encourages others into a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Martin & Emma


What does YNM mean to me?

Firstly I must admit it’s a bit of a cheesy title, but more of that later.

It was a year ago that I decided to get off the sofa and put some fitness into my very non-fitness life. My first stop was a men only group in Worthing, They were incredibly motivational but as the fitness side went, their USP was about weights and building muscle and they wanted to turn all their members into something akin to Gerard Butler from the film 300. Whilst that was a fit for many I decided that it wasn’t for me so after a quick shop around the interweb I found myself at YNM’s virtual front door.

I knew that my cardio wasn’t up to much, and the less said about my upper body strength the better! But what I found was a really friendly group, people that could challenge me, people that turned out in all manner of weather, people of all fitness levels working together and in the middle of it all two incredible coaches guiding us through our sessions like conductors guide a symphony orchestra.

The great thing with YNM is that its not about keeping up with the fastest or the strongest, its about keeping up with yourself, we as members set our own targets to beat. My first target was the park run. I remember standing on that start line for the first time and another member I was with asks me what’s the furthest distance I’ve run in the past, and my answer was “As far as I can run today”

Now my time was nothing to write home about, but fueled with motivation and words of encouragement from Martin, Emma and everyone else, I ran every single step of that park run. I remember Emma coming out to meet me, I had to wave her away because I knew that if I started talking, I’d stop and not start again. That park run just motivated me further, this time to a 10km Major Series event, and now the 10km Brutal in November.

But for those of you who don’t know, I hate running, I can’t stand it! It’s boring, it’s painful, it’s exhausting, it’s miserable and every time I’m doing it, I’m willing it to end. Yet I still do it, I turn up, yeah I might moan a bit (OK, a lot) but I do it to the best of my ability.


This brings me back to to the title of this blog: What does YNM mean to me? I am someone who a doctor once diagnosed as a high functioning alcoholic, I am someone that suffers with depression that manifests itself in me as the sensation of falling, of the world just dropping away, and it can happen at any time, without warning. I’m someone still dealing with the crippling loneliness of my marriage ending, wondering if I will ever have a significant other back in my life.

To me, YNM is my sponsor, it’s my Alcoholics Anonymous  It’s my support group, It’s my friendship group, it’s my reason to not sit on the sofa every evening drinking beer, seeing no-one and watching crap TV. My last fitness group had a motto that still rings true: Just Turn Up. Yes real life gets in the way sometimes, children are poorly, cars break down, money becomes tight. But not turning up because Eastenders is on, or it looks a bit cloudy outside? Not good enough! Get that lycra on and get to the bootcamp!

YNM keeps me honest, keeps me active and keeps me happy. Training three times a week with a great bunch of people is a joy, I joined in February this year and have no plans of leaving any time soon. Emma and Martin, you’ve got a great thing going here, don’t let it end any time soon!


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