YNMile 6

Going Soft!?

On a calm but chilli Saturday morning our HIT & RUN crew got stuck into a very progressive dynamic warm up followed by a “Work up, work down” drill to exercise both the upper body and lower body…

Upon completing this drill I announced “Ok Team, now for the YNMile”, which for some members making their debut on a Saturday, congratulations Andy, Rachelle, Gary, Colleen, Chris Blackman & our very own Master Trainer James, it was like stepping into the unknown, whereas for some they saw it coming (Mr Bateup).Going Soft

To say the grass was soft would be a huge understatement so testament to all our hardcore members for successful negotiating the energy sapping Mile!

As always people never leave anything in the locker finishing like the end can’t come quick enough, if it wasn’t for a poxy branch that Kelly didn’t see there’s is absolutely no doubt she would have been in the 6 minute territory!

YNM would like to welcome all those members to the YNMile scoreboard and look forward to seeing your next efforts when the ground will be firm to good!

In addition to this round up be sure not to miss Part 2 of the Blog on the importance of resistance training. 

YNMile 6 Results

YNMile 05/02/2018
Nicky 9.00
Keith 8.30
Katia 8.48*
Lauren 7.48
Kelly 7.04
Gary 6.59*
Colleen 8.10*
Rachelle 10.32*
Chris B 6.40*
James 6.32*
Andy 8.52*

*Personal Bests

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