Run Project

We love to hear from members who have taken a ‘big step’ forward in their lives by joining what we have created here at YNM.  These inspirational words from Run Project member Sarah Osborne, say it all…

Emma & Martin

From Project to Bolt (not Usain)


11 weeks ago I was sitting on my sofa, wine glass in hand, fretting about turning 40.  I was worried about my complete lack of fitness and obvious extra weight and haunted by comments from my 5 year old daughter that “only Daddys do exercise”.  So in an uncharacteristic moment of spontaneity I signed up for The Run Project and committed myself to 10 weeks of a beginners running course.  I figured the worst it could possibly be would be 10 weeks of hell and then I could quit.  I was right about it being hard (although never quite hell) but I was wrong about wanting to quit.

My husband literally laughed out loud when I told him I’d signed up for a running program and rightly so, having never seen me do any exercise in the 17 years we have been together.  I have always hidden behind a long ago diagnosis of a degenerative nerve disorder that causes pain and numbness in my peripheral nerves (my arms and legs) and a neurologist’s recommendation that exercise is not for me.  But with my 40s looming and 2 impressionable young girls at home, I was just going to have to give running a go.

So 1 week later I turned up at the gorgeous Devil’s Punchbowl – nervous as hell because who knows the last time I did something completely new! – and was warmly welcomed by a group of women of varying levels of fitness.  Running 1 minute on, 1 minute off sounds so simple when I type it here but it was hard. Very hard. But seeing the look of pride on my husband’s face when I got home, chatting to my children about running and no longer feeling guilty for my complete lack of activity, made it worth it.

Week on week the fabulous Run Project trainers have pushed me harder, made me dig deeper, carefully monitored my health situation and encouraged me with a warmth and genuineness that comforts rather than patronises. And the women running alongside me have driven me on with immense good humour and team spirit.  A few days ago my 5 year old proudly told her friend that her “mummy goes running so she can be healthy and live a long time and be a grandma one day” and that in itself renews my commitment.

Today, 10 weeks on and 1 stone lighter, I have thrown away the restrictive words of my neurologist for good, completed my first ever 5km race and brought a medal home for my daughters.  That spontaneous moment 11 weeks ago was a good one. 


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