#Brutal29thDecember – Blog 1

Brutal Longmoor 2015 8k and 16k races @Brutalrun #Sussexsportphotography #racephoto 10:07:27

‘As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles a few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

During the series of upcoming blogs we will not only train you all but outline the reasons WHY!

As our focus begins to sharpen upon the upcoming mud run in December we thought it only fair to let you all into the ‘Why & What’ when it comes to training for such an event seeing as Team YNM are participating in numbers!

Now, like any training plan it generally has a ‘Goal’ at the end however before we shoot straight at the goal we must prepare you all. This is where the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) phase comes in… this might sound rather complex but think of it like this: Body Basics.

Most of YNM with the exception of new members are consistently in the GPP phase. Every session, every week we programme; Squats, hinge, lunges, jumps, press, push & throw as much as possible as often as possible. This all occurs before you begin any specialist forms of training.

Simple? Yes.

Necessary? Absolutely.

So why GPP? The Soviets believed GPP should make up a preparatory period of a training programme, despite recent and past misuse of drugs their approach has been used world wide pretty much in every sport you can think of.

To quote the National Strength and Conditioning Association “ The major emphasis of this period is establishing a base level of conditioning to increase the athletes tolerance for more intense training. Conditioning activities begin at a relatively low intensities and high volumes: long, slow distance running or swimming; low-intensity plyometric; and high-repetition resistance training with light to moderate resistances

The theory underlying this system was that if an athlete (that’s right, you are an athlete) develops a well rounded athletic base their overall motor potential and just their ability to move well will correspondingly improve.

What Emma and I have both learnt through years of training and competing is KNOW YOUR BODY.

One of my early coaches once said to me it’s important you listen to your body… we now live in a time when everything can be monitored through these amazing devices available to us all providing instant metrics on things like Heart rate, pace/speed and power output to name just a few however these don’t always paint an accurate picture. It’s your body so try and get to grips with what it’s telling you.

Another sub component of Know your Body is something kwown as kinaesthetic awareness. Don’t be put off by the technical name, it’s science saying, ‘know where your body is in space’ If you’re able to develop this it can help you in two ways.

1. Knowing when you’re training right or wrong?

Better kinaesthetic awareness means a better understanding of when the movement you’re doing feels right or wrong. Martin or Emma will often say during a session if it feels awkward or wrong it probably is. Slow it down and think about what your doing and what the focus is.

2. Better physiology intuition 

It can also help with our coaching cues. Our verbal or visual prompts that focus you on the outcome of the movement. For example when getting you to squeeze your glutes at the top of a KB swing I often say ‘imagine squeezing a walnut between your butt cheeks’ or when performing push ups I may say ‘push the floor away from you’. Basically, the better you understand how it feels for your body to move, the more sense external cues will make and the better you can apply them.

The idea of the above and upcoming issues is to inform you all as to why we are programming the sessions as we are now that doesn’t mean you guys will notice anything different in the sessions. It’s more about the approach we are taking in the phases of your training so you will all be ready for The Brutal!

As always Team, if you have any questions or feel like you or a small group would benefit from a PT session and or a PT blitz session get in touch, reach out we are here to help you all!

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