Rocking at the Rookery

Saturday morning marked a very special occasion, not only celebrating four special birthdays in Keith, Peter, Katia & Marianne, but also doing something extremely positive and challenging. 

We had a fantastic time sharing with you the various obstacles put in our way, most of which presented a high psychological, as well as physical challenge, as we went up, over, through and along using various techniques, including the infamous ‘hook’.  And you all smashed it, which is a testament to you all and your training with YNM!  The past couple of months had a particular focus towards today in getting you all ready and it shouldn’t be underestimated how well you all coped with the demand that the morning presented. 

Now, we all have strengths and areas we would like to improve, but for us, what the morning really highlighted was the camaraderie within YNM! That helping hand, that reassuring leg up, those words of encouragement or the big smile and cheer as you completed the latest obstacle! Seeing you all operate like this, whilst constantly encouraging others to achieve and overcome personal battles, was amazing. 

Finally, for us, the real treat in having such a good turnout across the board was the opportunity for members to meet members, many of whom might not have had the chance to meet each other and we were also delighted to bring into the fold our new trainer, Megan.  She has now been part of YNM for two months and I think you all witnessed first-hand her endeavour and commitment to the course today, so thank you Megan for being a significant new cog in the YNM machine! 

Hey, you might all ache a little bit whilst reading this, but take comfort in how YOU ALL absolutely conquered Rookery fit farm!

Mart & Emma

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