YNM’s Lockdown Quiz Night

Saturday 9th May brought us the inaugural YNM quiz during these strange times… Martin the rambling rambler has written this summary so be warned it’s not all that succinct!

As we began to run through the quiz behind closed doors, ironing out any potential creases we had (MF) had forgotten to put the waiting room option ‘on’ so a a few teams may have had a sneaky peak at round 1!

The Meeting had officially started and it was rather amusing watching everyone gather in their spots, unfolding chairs, shunting things around even drying themselves off, fresh from their very own plunge pool – more on that later…

If there was a prize for Biggest Team, in terms of the most amount of YNM kit, that would go hands down to – Just run through that again.

The winner of the strangest place to play the quiz would be Chris and Alison who were spotted at times in their car!? Such dedication to keep the WiFi alive!

Round 1 – Brought us the Sporting Terminology brain teaser, let’s just say some were more at home with this round than others. On the other hand Quaranteam and Quizzy Rascals we’re feeling confident getting out the blocks sharply!

Round 2 – The Sporting picture quiz.
The Marshmallows and Just Run through that again registered some decent points whilst The Olds in France found that a trifle tricky.

Round 3 – This is where the big points were registered through either the YNM picture round or the alternative option, which cities have hosted the Olympics. At this point a clear picture had developed on who means business! Our Members outside of Worthing Plankdemics and the Macca’s had a strangle hold on pole position even at this early stage!

Round 4 – As we took a break to start up a second meeting we tasked you all with the treasure hunt… I think it’s fair to say some dusted rather a lot of cobwebs off most of this kit! Professor Quiz Whitty have a ‘shed’ load of kit if you’re in need of starting up a new hobby FYI.

Round 5a – The Stork stand

DF aka Dreamteam produced easily the most ‘Zen’ like state for this challenge… A sympathy point was granted to the Olds for their 0.6 seconds! The Covid-2 (LW) The Macca’s and Charlotte from the Plankdemics on the other hand are still waiting to be told the challenge is over!

Round 5b – The Teabag Toss

Seriously Loosing Team had their eye in for this one even though they were quaffing their way through the wine! Along with having a sharp eye I think Vitamin Sea Team Humphrey also filled his mug up with Pringles the way he was scoffing them down.

Round 5c – Keepie Uppie

When you have a son who plays for Portsmouth you know you’re going to do well here! Great skills Bertie McDonald! Pippa Langridge has also mastered the art of keeping the loo roll in the air using only her feet and knees! Standard stuff for Adam the Wezo Westwood and Steve the tank Tugwell! Where as The Olds elected to play this sitting down therefore scoring a FAT ZERO!

Round 5d – The plank

Some big scores here. We would like to think so as we train you all! Best dressed easily goes to Katia for planking the entire 3:20 in a dress! Tony the Guinness Fraser – Bravo. Angela KM from Team The Marigolds on her birthday smashed her way to 10 points also! The Lockdown Lockyer’s actually scored very high as an entire family so well done Janice and Boys.


Best wishes
Martin, Emma and Delilah 👨‍👩‍👧


Team NameR1R2R3R4R5aR5bR5cR5dTotal
Martyn who put the Y in YNM615201669101092
The Marshmallows71617149771087
The Covid-2615211010310883
Just Run Through That Again51618118941081
Fink Fraser’s Fink61114163881076
Professor Quiz Whitty7922152731075
Sumo Chicken61017144681075
Vitamin Sea6129194951074
The Marigolds4121984861071
Seriously Loosing Team68121329101070
Quizzy Rascals8415102991067
The Lockdown Lockyers7111216173663
Dream Team78106447652
The Olds621413160446

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