Fighting Muscle Loss

Strength Training - Part 1 When you think of a typical older person, one thing likely comes to mind: frailty.  Even if you can’t really identify any obvious illness, there is something about most elderly people that communicates frailty and weakness.  They probably walk slowly, move carefully and let others do many things for them, rather than [...]


Last blog from Naomi (for now!?) On November 19th Naomi completed a massive challenge in her life by running the Valencia marathon!  We have been blessed by her story so far and here she is once again to give us the details of the day . Before she does, I must say that Naomi was [...]


Blue Sky Running This morning’s blue skies and little wind made it a perfect opportunity to role out the #YNMile. It was very quiet in Bootcamp, as we warmed up and the team began to focus on what was to come. We had some first timers, well done Lindsay, Kelly & Sharla for putting down [...]

Everyone has a story…

We are extremely proud of how YNM, which includes all you fabulous people, can help and inspire individuals to change their lives through fitness and exercise.  We don’t judge, we don’t belittle anyone’s achievements, we just try to celebrate getting out there and doing it!  With this in mind we feel honoured to hear stories [...]

4 weeks and counting…

Naomi Many of you may remember meeting Naomi at some Saturday Bootcamps and you might have already followed her first blog about her Valencia Marathon journey, which is now just 4 weeks away!! It only feels like yesterday when Mart & I were training for the same Marathon and Naomi was taking part in the [...]

Mr 200

Keith... We are unashamedly celebrating just one of our members in this latest blog and, as you might have guessed, it's Keith Bateup.  For those that don't know, Keith just passed the 200 sessions mark which, by achieving this in less than 2 years, makes him our most prolific 'camper'!  By way of recognition, we [...]

I Had a Dream

David Forshaw has long been part of YNM, so when he asked us to guide him through his marathon training, we jumped at the chance to rekindle his love affair with long distance running.  Until we attended his recent birthday party, neither of us had any idea of just how many marathons Dave had run, [...]

James Schock

Hello Team YNM After a successful summer at YNM, where we have enjoyed welcoming 20 new members to our friendly group, we are off on holiday for a week!  Don't panic though as we are leaving you in the more than capable hands of James Schock! James is a level 3 PT and always looking [...]

#YNMile 2

Adding Speed To Your Routine YNM are all for personal challenges, stretching boundaries, pushing endurance barriers and running further than we've gone before, but at the same time running as fast as you can brings a different set of challenges, thrills and spills, which is why we have introduced the #YNMile! Many runners we speak [...]